YESpecialists partners met with their local ecosystems

YESpecialists project partners organised three online discussions in February and March to meet with their local ecosystems. Teachers, youth workers, students and young people had the opportunity to discuss, share best practices, and get to know what the other local ecosystems are doing.

The first meeting was held on 9 February 2022 with teachers from Varaždin (Croatia), Asturias (Spain) Tuscany (Italy), Vestland (Norway), Trentino (Italy) and Ringkøbing-Skjern (Denmark). Teachers presented different learning methods to foster their student’s entrepreneurial mindset. These include problem-based learning, design thinking or learning by doing. They had the opportunity to ask questions to one another and exchange on their different education methods/practices.

The second meeting, organised on 23 February 2022, gathered young people, youth workers and students from the six regions listed above. Project partners and young people presented different activities developed in the rural areas. In Varaždin, for example, the Varaždin Underground Club is the oldest youth association in the County, where activities such as youth festivals in cooperation with the cultural sector are organised.

The last event took place on 16 March 2022 and gathered all the participants of the previous meetings: teachers, young people and students. The meeting started with a lecture from Mr. Robert Kelemen, Director of the European Talent Centre of Croatia. He gave 12 advices on how to develop the habit of creativity among students. He explained how to encourage creativity at school and the way it can create new opportunities for students. Mr Kelemen also highlighted the challenges to the development of creativity in non friendly environments. At school, students are supposed to gain practical skills that can be quantified; however, it is not possible to quantify creativity.

He was followed by three high school students: Luca, Giuseppe and Nicola from Trentino who presented creative videomaking, storytelling and digital marketing. They also explained their entrepreneurship concept to the audience and exchange with teachers present in the meeting on it.

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