Capacity building

In order to help building local ecosystems in rural areas, two local training workshops will be organized, focusing on:

  • STE(A)M-related areas: Trento, end 2021 (tbc.)
  • Tourism, agriculture, retail, and cultural and creative industries (CCI): Varaždin, spring 2022 (tbc.)

The workshops will take into consideration the challenges identified in rural areas and methods to support the teaching of innovative entrepreneurial concepts to young people, also from vulnerable groups. Participants from the YESpecialists partner regions will be equipped with pedagogic tools aiming at:

  • Facilitating the participation of youth organisations in local development initiatives, highlighting their role in engaging with vulnerable groups.
  • Using non-formal learning methods in formal education.
  • Mainstreaming entrepreneurship education into VET programmes within subjects that traditionally have not dealt with entrepreneurship as key topic, and relating them to the local reality.

Workshop guidelines, learning tools and conclusions will be publicly available in order to facilitate their implementation beyond the YESpecialsits project. If you want to get in touch with the YESpecialists partnership, contact us.