YES ecosystems

Keeping young talents in rural areas is one of the current key challenges identified at regional and local level in Europe. Therefore, YESpecialists aims at promoting an entrepreneurial attitude to foster rural development and avoid brain drain. One of the main objectives of the YESpecialists project is to set up local and regional communities that are attractive for young people.  This attractiveness can be boosted by the development of innovative ideas that foster economic development and social innovation in key areas such as sustainable agriculture, green tourism and creative industries. An entrepreneurial spirit means also active job-seeking, self-initiative for re-skilling and up-skilling, and social innovation. In this sense, the setting up of local ecosystems can also be of great help in empowering young people from vulnerable groups, such as refugees and newly-arrived third-country nationals.

In that prospect, the YESpecialists partnership will develop a set of recommendations for policy makers based on the project experience about how to set up successful local ecosystems with and for young people in order to promote entrepreneurship in rural areas. A series of local start-up projects promoted by each YESpecialists local ecosystem and carried out with and by young people will also be developed.