Best YES practices

The European Commission’s 2020 Entrepreneurship Action Plan highlights the importance of entrepreneurial education and training, and aims at building a culture of entrepreneurship in Europe. In addition, the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) develops the acknowledgement of entrepreneurial spirit as the 7th key competence for lifelong learning. Youth entrepreneurship should not only be understood as a short- or medium-term solution for poor working conditions or unemployment but rather promoted as a long-term approach to achieve a sustainable future of work for local communities. Transnational cooperation, which is at the very core of the YESpecialists concept, is key to propose a method that identifies common solutions to common challenges while respecting the local context and its priorities.

YESpecialists aims at sharing knowledge for all countries around Europe who encounter the same problematics as the project partners. With this aim, an interactive repository library and geographical map with best examples of youth entrepreneurship in rural areas is available below.

This interactive map is the foundation ground for a community-based repository of available best cases of coaching, motivating, cooperating with young people (also from vulnerable groups) in rural areas. Information, teaching and training material, articles, papers and guidelines in the field will be available. This interactive map also includes the YESpecialists local projects developed by the partnership ecosystems and led by young people.